Extended Visits/Productive Visits

Fewer patients means easier appointment scheduling, extended visits and more productive visits. Getting caught up in the hamster wheel of seeing large numbers of patients will not need to be an interfering factor. More time, more questions answered, improved health maintenance is part of this practice.

Contact or see the doctor today

Need a same-day or next office day appointment? OK. Having a more manageable patient load enhances our ability to see you when you need to be seen. Many large clinics advertise this option but you do not know which doctor you will see. Often it is not your own doctor. This also helps avoid the need for Urgent Care and their associated large copays.


Because we do not file insurance claims your Personal Health Information does not get sent to some centrally based registry staffed with people neither you nor I know. We will not send any diagnoses or Personal Health Information to anyone unless you specifically tell us to.

Enhanced Access

We will be available by phone, secure messaging portal, email, text, name it. If you need to call the doctor right now, we want you to call the doctor right now! It is easier for us and better for you to address a problem at an early state. We don't want you to have to agonize whether "I should bother the doctor" or "I don't want to go in because that will cost me a co-pay."

Can't come in? No need to come in? If we can handle it over the phone or another media we will to save you the trip or time off of work! Of course, Dr. Karl may insist that certain issues need to be seen in person for proper medical care.

Some communication methods may not be Privacy-compliant (Skype, Facetime, Text-SMS) so phone or secure portal are the preferred methods.

Services include the following:

1 Biopsy and PAP smear pathology interpretation is a separate charge from the lab which can go to your insurance company


Pricing for a one time annual Payment in Full is 10% less than the month-to-month drafting

Prices below are for checking acount drafting. Payments by credit card will have an additional ~4% credit card fee added

Category Monthly Year Paid in Full
Individual age 22 or older $65 $702
Individual < age 22 $45 $486
Couple2 $120 $1296
Additional dependent3 $25 $270

Other Fees

Fee Type Amount
Initial Enrollment Fee $75
Re-Enrollment Fee4 $180
One-Time Non-Member Medical Office Visit 5,6 $200
One-Time Non-Member Medical Telehealth Visit 5,6 $150
Travel Fee (for house call)7 $70
  • 2Married Couple
  • 3Additional dependent = Each additional child (<22 y/o) of a Couple Membership or Individual adult membership.
  • 4If a member cancels their membership then later desires to re-enroll.
  • 5Non-member obtaining a one-time medical visit who chooses to join at that visit may have the Initial Enrollemnt Fee waived.
  • 6One-Time Non-Member visit does not include continuing or chronic disease treatment
  • 7At the discretion of the physician. Available for members only.



Examples of items not included in the membership

Certain items are not part of the membership including but not limited to the following: Cosmetic injections, Addiction Medicne visits, Prenatal/Obstetrics, Cost of non-influenza vaccines, Major surgeries, Radiologic procedures, Cardiac testing, DOT physicals, Specialist/Sub-specialist visits, and Hospital/ER/Urgent Care visits.

Examples of items requiring a separate fee or charge

  • Cosmetic Injections and Treatments (Botox, Fillers, etc)
  • Addiction Management Visits for administration and monitoring of buprenorphine/naloxone. NOTE: Individuals wishing this treatment must also become Infinity Health Members.
  • Medications Dispensed in Office if service desired by patient
  • Certain Discounted Laboratory Services