Current Peoples Health Patients

What is happening

Dr, Hanson is NOT retiring. Dr. Hanson is no longer agreeing to the burdensome conditions of Medicare. As such Dr. Hanson has terminated his relationship with Medicare. A physician who no longer agrees to the terms of Medicare is not allowed by Medicare to participate as a physician on Peoples Health.

Why now?

Dr. Hanson decided on May 19, 2019 that he will disenroll from Medicare. For those of you who recently saw Dr. Hanson the decision had not yet been arrived at.

Can I still see Dr. Hanson?

Of course a Peoples Health patient can still stay on Peoples Health for their major medical expenses. Patients can join Dr. Hanson's monthly membership practice, Infinity Health, to continue to see Dr. Hanson as their primary care physician. We would be honored.

No Enrollment Fee

Dr. Hanson appreciates his current patients and will waive the enrollment fee.

What if I enroll before July 31st, 2019?

You may pre-enroll anytime between June 1 and July 31 however your checking account will not be drafted the membership fee until August 1, 2019.

If I enroll with Dr. Hanson's Infinity Health will Peoples Health still assign me a primary care physician anyway?

Yes. Peoples Health will ask you to name a PCP or assign you a PCP as a matter or record even if you sign up with Dr. Hanson and Infinity Health. You do not have to see that PCP but it is perfectly fine if you do.

What if I don't enroll?

After July 31, 2019 Dr. Hanson will only be treating patients who are enrolled on the Infinity Health panel.

Can I enroll AFTER July 31, 2019?

Certainly. You can enroll any time you want to start. But Dr. Hanson will not be treating individuals who have not yet enrolled. For example, if you call August 1st and need to get a medication or be seen, you will have to enroll online or in person first.

How do I change doctors if I do not want to stay with Dr. Hanson?

You may contact Peoples Health at 849-4500 as they will want to assign you a new primary care physician. Our office will be glad to give you names of other doctors and assist with any records transfer (after we receive a HIPAA-compliant records release from that provider) to make your transition as easy as possible. We would love to have you part of Infinity Health but if that is not your choice we would like to help how we can in making sure you have continous health care.

What if I do not want to enroll but want to see Dr. Hanson after July 31, 2019?

Dr. Hanson may consent to see you for an urgent-care type visit for $150. No followup care will be part of that unless that patient also chooses to enroll on that visit.