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What is InfinityHealth?

It's Dr. Karl Hanson's model of improved healthcare.

Our Focus is on YOU

We are a Direct Primary Care practice (DPC). That means we contract directly with you. We choose not to work for any insurance company and we do not allow an insurance company to stand between us. It is no longer acceptable that we allow insurance companies to dictate to you or us how they think the patient-doctor relationship should operate. It is for that reason we have chosen a direct relationship with you. We strive to re-focus on the patient to give more personalized care. The changing insurance and regulatory climate is forcing the medical profession away from that focus. Being engaged in your personal health situation, disease prevention and health maintenance is what we want to do.

How does this work?

We no longer participate in commercial insurances. Of course we will still see you whether you have insurance or not. We will simply not be billing an insurance company or agreeing to their restrictions. You still need to have an insurance for catastrophic and high cost items and because the federal government will fine you if you don't.

Simply put...for a small monthly membership fee, Dr. Karl Hanson is your doctor on retainer, available now, with advantages.

We are a membership based practice. For a small monthly fee we provide your primary care needs. We are your health care team 24/7, not just when you are sick. We encourage contact with us even for questions on minor things. With rare exception your monthly fee is all you need. No additional charges for any office visit, Telemedicine visit or phone call,

Why InfinityHealth?

No "middle man"

Dr. Hanson is your doctor. For years I have wanted to create a direct relationship with the individual. Third party administrators, insurance companies and the government have continued to intrude into the physician-patient relationship. Like most docs I had signed contracts with insurance companies who have increasingly reduced the coverage they provided you and have created more walls between the doctor and the patient as well as wasting our time on useless endeavors that could be better spent on patient care. The wall continues to thicken as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) makes healthcare less accessible and less affordable and makes the physician think of the patient as a number, a data point. That is not why I became a doctor.

Fewer patients and more personalized care

I prefer to see fewer patients and deliver more personalized care to those who choose me as their physician. This allows me a more open and one-on-one relationship by inviting you into the Infinity Health family and not bringing the middle-man or middle-company along. Health maintenance, disease prevention, and assisting you in your own health care is the focus. I will be LIMITING my patient member size so as to be able to provide excellent care.

Infinity Health strives to deliver the following:

How to Enroll

Please take time to read our website for details.

Contact us for a telephone consultation (504-467-3404) or for a visit to review this model.